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Does God exist? Anthropologist Abi Fox had to be dragged to the most desolate place on Earth to find out.

Beneath the Antarctic ice something has stirred. Discovered by satellite, the heat signature that betrayed its presence continues to grow. Is it a natural geothermal event? Or, is something beneath the ice signalling its existence? And will the human race survive knowing the answer?

A handful of humans caught up in events that cannot be averted. Can the human race survive the alien revelations?

Join the adventurers on a journey to the end of the Earth. A journey both terrifying and uplifting. Like Pandora's Box, the only thing left is hope.

FIVE STAR REVIEWS for Richard Kellier's debut novel:
'The Omega Paradox.'

I couldn't put it down! Can't wait for future books. Really makes you want to find out what's real, theory, or fiction. Very well written. No filler stories or background fluff. Don't mind missing a night of sleep for a book like this!"

Loved this book, really original plot and I shall certainly be first in line for the second book by this author."